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Individual, Couples & Family.

Who is Psychologist Melissa Gonzalez

Some of her expertise include:

  • Diagnose and treat the entire spectrum of psychological conditions.
  • Expert in behavior modification.
  • Expert in crisis intervention.
  • Ability to provide a structured  support, empathy and precise reasoning about human behavior and family.
  • Expert in treating and preventing gender-based and family violence.

Online Therapy


In Tijuana or through Online Therapy from wherever you are, any psychologist from AMORH offers World Class Psychotherapy & Counseling in English.
Proven Trajectory, Unmatched Dedication & Unbridled Proficiency.


We have psychologists in Tijuana that provide Online Therapy with expertise in various topics. From depression, anxiety, marriage and separation; grief and bereavement, anger and stress management and more…

Services for...

Individuals, couples and families.
In your Online Therapy session you can make a detailed assessment and determine if we are indeed the best option for you and / or your family, without any “out-of-pocket” investment on your Initial Consultation... it’s is FREE!

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Online Therapy


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