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At AMORH ❤ Psychologists in Tijuana & Online assist you in improving your health,
accompanying you through a process of self discovery which will increase more lasting satisfaction and fulfillment in your life.


Who participates

Psychologists in Tijuana & Online provide individual, couples, marriage Therapy & Counseling.

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Areas of expertise

Depression, anxiety, grief & bereavement, break-ups, stress & anger management, sexual problems, self esteem, OCD, PTSD, ADD, crisis intervention, behavior modification & more…

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Whatever these may be, you can rest assured that in our accompaniment you will find clear solutions with effective & lasting results.

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CAD Communication

Via email, video conference & chat through ZOOM with end-to-end (E2EE) encryption security, you maintain Communication at a Distance [if/when needed] with your therapist at no additional cost.

Psychologists in Tijuana
Therapy in English

For English speakers across the border seeking world class Therapy & Counseling in Tijuana. You will shortly confirm to have found the best option (US/MX).

Psicólogos en Tijuana


At AMORH ❤ Psychologists in Tijuana & Online, results based on statistical data are clear long-lasting and conclusive. Certainly we can assist you with your situation.

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