These cover your week of Treatment, the 50 minutes of your Consultation, your Unlimited Chat and the follow-up of your Therapeutic Resources, in-between Consultations.

Of equal importance, as well as the responsibility and work that is done “behind the scenes”, such as the Review and Supervision of Cases directed by the Coordination of the Psychological Department, in participation with the Clinical Psychologists of AMORH outside of Consultation and Chat, which are:

  • Filling out the Evolution Notes Format for each Consultation.
    Weekly records for Case Review and Supervision.
  • Mindfulness on a daily basis.
  • Daily reading.
  • Researching for updating, collaborating and possible incorporation of the latest Techniques or innovations based on evidence, into our Therapeutic Model.
  • Meetings such as Praxis (Clinical Practice), Management & Maintenance of Internal Affairs, Role Play, Review & Supervision of Cases, Performance Review, to name a few.
  • Establishment & Monitoring of daily goals with the Team.
  • Attend their own Analysis Process (Psychotherapy).

This means that we are working individually and as a committed Team on each and every one of your individual & Couples Treatment, even when we are not responding by Chat or meeting in-person or face to face in Consultations.


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$65 dlls.

You can pay 1 by 1 per week.
For some people it works that way.


(In this section, buttons give access to pay with PayPal or Credit/Debit Card)

Conversely, it works for others to pay several in advance at once. For this, the Funds per Period Program (FPP) takes into account the effort and the financial commitment that merits prioritizing your Psychotherapeutic Process.
In the same way, it gives you a discount based on the number of Consultations you pay in advance.

24 Consultations

$1560 minus $150 dlls. means you pay $1410 dlls. only.

12 Consultations

$780 minus $60 dlls. means you pay $720 dlls. only.

8 Consultations

$520 minus $25 dlls. means you pay $495 dlls. only.

4 Consultations

$260 minus $10 dlls. means you pay $250 dlls. only.


How to pay in this section:

  • In the section above (ignore purple buttons), identify the number of Consultations that you would like to cover.
  • Refer to the underlined amount, which is the total you’d pay.
  • Identify your preferred payment method below and use the reference (user) information to direct the payment to our account.
  • The concept or reference is: (Your full name).

Zelle Reference

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(619) XXX-4508

MX Bank Transfer

CLABE: 014 028 20012323116 8
Name: Melissa González Rubio
Conversion from MX pesos to US dlls is $20 to $1

Any Questions

Please feel free to reach out to us at
(664) 414-9663 or via email at
[email protected]

*Under our Psychotherapeutic Model, a 50 min. Consultation per week is a fundamental part of the Treatment Process, but in no way does it constitute treatment in its entirety at AMORH❤️ However, some people may choose to make full use of the Therapeutic Resources available to them and some may choose not to. we promote the prior rather than then the latter.