Worth Noting

Congratulations, your Initial Consultation is just around the corner!

Comunicación - AMORH correo electrónico chat videoconferencia skype la mejor solución está en la prevención de los mejores psicologos en tijuana


We'll be sending a text message and / or calling by phone before the Appointment to confirm assistance.


If it is not possible to attend the Appointment, we ask that you cancel as soon as possible, preferably with a minimum of 24 hours prior.


For general knowledge, parking spaces on the street during business hours are in high demand during 'office hours'.


Arriving at the building, enter through a glass door labeled 'El Roble'. 2nd floor on your right hand side.

Servicios de Psicología en Tijuana y en Línea


CLICK on the ICON to DOWNLOAD APP. Be ready to start 10 minutes before. Be in a private space, by yourself, with headphones on.

Psicólogos en Tijuana


Above the black metal door is the logo. Place fingers under the handle and press up. Come in & get comfortable, we'll be expecting you.