Pain: A path to Transcendence

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Pain: A path to Transcendence

Each one of us experiences different situations in life that cause us pleasure, happiness, awaken love, inspiration, to name a few… and among those others there are also those events that fill us with pain and sad memories.

These memories of pain can always remain, since the past cannot be changed.

But our present IS malleable! If we take into account how we want this present to be, providing us a path to seek our ideal and remain in our memory in the future.

Based on the fact that we cannot change the past, it is important to think about how we can heal the wounds of the past. The psychological pain some memories cause can be mitigated and brought under control through therapy.

It is these same memories or events that make us stronger and more resilient when we achieve transcendence.

Next are some steps we can take to continue life in a fluid manner lessening or liberating ourselves of heavy baggage from the past:
  • Recognize our fears and our limitations. Recognizing them and knowing that they are also psychological limitations that are preventing us from having the peace and confidence we desire. Rejection and loneliness are often very damaging, since it has been shown that rejection is related to the physical and emotional pain that ultimately does not allow us to evolve or make decisions that are more related to our ideals.
  • Identifying how I feel. If I find satisfaction in my life, evaluate areas that I can improve. This requires us to be very honest with ourselves. Answering in the clearest way possible and above all, to be able to know ourselves!
  • Once on the path of self-knowledge, we are able to forgive. The POWER that forgiveness provides in our lives is unmatched; meaning that if we forgive, we will not have forgotten what happened, but we have become wiser and more resilient.
Every experience in our lives makes us stronger! …if we decide so. Therefore, we can continue life in a fluid manner!


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