"It is not the most intellectual, nor the strongest that survives; but the one that is able to adapt best to the changing environment".

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Some ingredients

Unlock the mind

Open up to the possibilities, know your abilities, determine & believe what your going to achieve.

Adapt accordingly

It is not the most intellectual, nor the strongest that survive; but the ones that are able to adapt to and to adjust best to the changing environment in which they find themselves in. -Darwin (1859).

Focus on the target

If our mental state is persistent, then our actions will be consistent. If we are not making mistakes, it means we're not advancing towards our target.

Enjoy the journey

Reap the benefits and satisfaction of the process and achievement, then start all over again. That is what gives life meaning, having purpose, having and achieving goals, no matter what age we are.

Elon Musk: "I never give up".

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